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News 5/20/18
Chrissy Crush(6ft 190lbs) VS Daniele is now up!

Therefore you are not counting reps, laps, or time. You will be totally focused on rolling with your opponent and gaining control. That means you can push yourself much harder to compete than you can by doing any type of exercoise by yourself.





Real Submission Wrestling 05/24/18-
New Videos Coming This Week!!

New - Chrissy Crush                              Dawn VS Ziggy    

Bodybuilder Christine Marshall VS Denise Gerard

Billie VS Helene and Jiu Jitsu Experts Mayra VS Helen


Black Belt Helen VS Leonard - 20 minute match


Black Katt VS Sashay

Steve VS Justin for sale

Treasure Wrestling - Female - Female

New Coed Tape - Mayra only $15

Steve VS Cliff VS Charles now for sale

New - Youtube channel Facebook - Twitter Pages

Renee VS Michelle for sale NOW!!

Fushia VS Bodybuilder Dawn Riehl - Youtube and for sale this week

Real wrestling! No Striking, kicking, or joint locks Our wrestling matches go 25-40 minutes.

My Wrestling Style

steve vs Troy

We start on our knees and we go for 20-25 minutes. It is the best workout in the world. You will use every muscle in your body from your fingers to your toes.

This sport and the workouts involved are LOW IMPACT and anerobic in using and building muscles and aerobic in the fact that you will be using every bit of your energy and air supply each time you wrestle.