Bodybuilder Sally McNeill(5'4" 157lbs)


Bodybuilder Valerie (5'3" 135lbs)


Sally McNeil was a Nationally ranked MiddleWeight and Lightweight Bodybuilder, And she was a great wrestler with good size and power ! Before she got into bodybuilding and wrestling she was a nationally ranked diver and gymnast.

She was always Ripped and had some REAL power to go with her wrestling moves. She was very quick, had great endurance, and wrestled hard to the end. Was super competitive too

Here she is taking on Bodybuilder - wrestler Valerie in her first match. She is very good athlete but she is giving Up about 20 pounds to Sally which makes a big difference

This is a younger Sally in her late 20's I think when she looked moew like a bodybuilder/championship diver instead of a bodybuilder.!!

This match has lots of down action on the mat with Valerie struggling to get some holds and Sally and get on top while Sally exerts her incredible power.

This video is for sale for $20. 22 Minutes of real wrestling action with two matches.

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