We are working to get all of our old matches up which includes many of the classics and some of the best wrestlers in the world. We are also going to be contacting some of the best wrestlers in the USA and start doing new matches in the next month.

September 2018 News

Afrika Videos

She was one of the most massive and best built wrestlers in the world

Steve Rodda Returns


Yes he Is up to 235 pounds and ready to come back and rumble. Looking to set up a match with him versus Shawn Holiday again which was one of the best matches we ever did. Plus Shawn is now up to 210 pounds so it should be one heck of a match

Bodybuilder Dawn Riehl Videos Up

We have her matches is going up versus fuchsia and Ziggy. She was always in top shape and went 100% in all of her matches. They are some of the best we ever did

Helen's Videos

Helen was one of the best wrestlers I ever worked with. She was always in shape, always trying to improve her wrestling skills, and always extremely competitive in every minute of her match. She did not have an ego, she just loved to wrestle and also would try to help her opponent improve also.

We will be looking for new wrestlers in the next month or two and there should be some really good talent out there now since both high school wrestling and jujitsu are very hot sports right now