Renee O'Neil VS Tamie & Malibu VS Golden Cat

Renee O'Neil VS Tamie & Malibu VS Golden Cat
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Bodybuilder Renee O'Neil (5 ft 5" 155lbs) had just won the Iron Maiden Bodybuilding Show the night before and she ws pumped and ready for Freestyle wrestler Tamie Clark(5ft 10in 170lbs). These two go at it right from the start and the action is intense. Some of the most deadly and powerful scissor holds we have ever seen. Renee is Buffed and is simply one of the most powerfiul wrestlers in the world.

Then Malibu(5'8" 155lbs) takes on a former Pro Wrestler Golden Cat (5'8" 40lbs). Malibu looked great and she was completely buffed out at 155lbs and had been hitting the gym hard. She has to chase Golden Cat some but when she catches her she is ready to wrap her powerful legs around her.

.Th 43 minutes for $9.95 plus shipping.

This power wrestling at its best. Some incredible Holds and Action!

43 minutes. Video#12 for only $9.95 and $5 shipping

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