Tag Team
Tigra (5'8 180lbs) & Steve Machenzie (5'7" 215lbs)
Laura Vukov (5'8" 182lbs) & Victor Wright (5'10" 195lbs)

I have the digital video of some of the Biggest- Strongest and Best Bodybuilder –Wrestlers in the world doing a Tag Team match. This was one of the most incredible wrestling videos I ever did. And these were for the best wrestlers in the world at the time. As far as I know this was the last video Laura Vukov ever did. Because she was a legend in wrestling and so was Tigra. Some incredible wrestling and incredible power with these women big and strong enough to compete with their male opponents. The tag teams were set up with one woman and one man versus the other team

44 minutes of wrestling for $35.

Email me at wrestler4400@gmail.com

I accept PayPal and I'll send you the invoice and then I will send you the video in MP4 format from Google Drive


Play the video preview below