Renee O'Neill (5'6" 155lbs )

Wrestling vs

Christine Marshall(5'3" 146lbs)

These are two of the most muscular and most powerful bodybuilder wrestlers in the world. Some of their previous matches have been legends. Renee could squat 450 pounds it was a power lifter as well as a bodybuilder. And Christine handled some incredible weight also

But what they are really known for its all out wrestling. They were incredibly quick had incredible balance and explosive power and every match they did. And if you follow their long careers they had some amazing matches some of the best ever seen

This is one of the best matches I've ever done. They were in super shape in a competition starts from the first second and goes to the very end. It is nonstop action and super intense as you can tell by these pictures

I guarantee you this will be one of the best wrestling matches you've ever seen it's been talked about for years

This video is for sale for $25. 23 Minutes of real wrestling

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