Lightweight Match

Beautifuil Stephanie Fox (5'4" 128lbs)
VS Tweety (5'3" 126lbs

Tweetie was a incredible athlete and one of the best wrestlers in the world for weight. She didn't look like a super strong athlete but her strength and wresting ability was second to none.

Stephanie fox was dropdead gorgeous with model looks and a super competitive and strong wrestler. She went all out from the start of any match to the end and actually notched some pretty impressive wins I guess light weights

This was one of the most competitive matches I ever filmed and they actually went over the time limit with each of them trying to get the last hold and there is no resting and relaxing in any time during this match

This match was SUPER competitive from the very start to the very end and it goes on for over 23 minutes

This video is for sale for $25. 23 Minutes of real wrestling action

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